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Portraits of Dora Molina!

I’ve known Dora for a year or so when I met her on a shoot in London last year. Since then we haven’t had a chance to see each other so we decided it was time to make it happen! She visited for a long weekend and stayed over at our new place. Needless to say, we had an amazing time. For those of you who don’t know, here’s a little backstory of who Dora is. Dora is a Mexican…

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Electric Cinema Date in Portobello!

I’m not sure many of you know this about me but I have this tendency to attach myself to people pretty quickly. When I do, the friendship will become my everything. Growing up without siblings, I’ve learnt to value my friends and give them my love whole-heartedly. I met Liz in June for a test shoot and I felt like we instantly connected. Our first embrace was comfortable and I felt like I had known her from another life. Since…

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I suppose every new blog needs an introduction… Hello blogsphere, welcome to my blog where I brain dump everything that’s inside of my head. I’ve been wanting to create a platform where I can share my favourite things in life, experiences, travels and connect with like minded people. It has taken me some time to finally DO IT! For those of you that don’t know me, I’m Hana. I was born and raised in South Korea and moved to London…

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