Ahn nyeong (hi) blogophere! I’m Hana, a twenty-three year old Korean American living in London. I’m just a twenty something figuring out who I am in this crazy world. Here’s the honest truth. I LOVE blogging. I did it when I was in my early teen, way before blogging became mainstream. I was online every. single. day. Then my world came falling down and I deleted it. Maybe if I kept going, it would’ve gotten somewhere but I don’t think I was in the right place to share my life with the world. I needed this time to grow and since then social media and blogging has blown up. Now there are apps that allow you to post everything about yourself within seconds… what?! I’m really quite amazed by it all!

BUT… this blog isn’t an outlet for me to gain more followers or readers. I started it because I realised I take so many photos on my phone or camera and barely look at them. What’s the point of documenting memories when it’s tucked away in my hard drive somewhere collecting dust? HANADORE is a reminder of my past and how far I’ve come, a reminder of my present of how lucky I am and a way to look at my life in the future and to reminisce of the good times! So, here I am!

This is all me. This is my journey in London where I balance full-time work, photography projects and life all at the same time whilst eating sushi… they don’t call me Sushi Noguchi for no reason!