Electric Cinema Date in Portobello!

23 September 2017

I’m not sure many of you know this about me but I have this tendency to attach myself to people pretty quickly. When I do, the friendship will become my everything. Growing up without siblings, I’ve learnt to value my friends and give them my love whole-heartedly.

I met Liz in June for a test shoot and I felt like we instantly connected. Our first embrace was comfortable and I felt like I had known her from another life. Since then, we’ve been in touch as she had to fly back to Russia for the summer holidays. We recently caught up over vegan food and then decided we should go for a cinema date the following Sunday in Portobello.

I’ll tell you why I love Electric Cinema, it’s pretty simple. The cinema feels like you’re in the comfort of your own home. The seats are SO comfy and there’s a lot of legroom. This is a major plus when you’re going to watch films with boyfriends or friends with long legs. They also have a menu for finger food such as mozzarella sticks and nachos with avocado dip! The tickets were £20 each for an arm chair. After experiencing the amazing service, cashmere blankets and the yummy menu,  I don’t think I could go back to a standard cinema like the Odeon.

It was Liz’ first time on Portobello Road so we celebrated by documenting it with a few photos! 🙂

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Have a good day y’all.



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